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Brushed or bright finish stainless steel type 304 & 316 (the latter is recommended for polluted and coastal areas)

Sheet size:

2000 x 1000mm (6’6” x3’3”),1000 x 1000mm (3’3” x3’3”), 1000 x 500mm (3’3” x 1’8”)


0.5mm, 0.7mm, 0.9mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm

Interior use:


Exterior use:


Engraving method:

Rotary (recommended angle: 60), Laser (using a laser marking spray or paste)

Cutting method:


Other features:

Drills, Punches

We continually offer the best materials prices in the UK, call 0844 800 0020 for a competitive quote.

Order full sheets, cut to size for your machine's work table or save time with our cut to size service

Next day delivery available on most items

Discounts for volume/quantity available - call for rates.

Interior / Exterior Signs

Industrial Signage and Labelling

Rating Plates

Services available on Stainless Steel up to 1.5mm are:

Hole drilling


Self-adhesive backing

Filler Wax

Filler Paint

Laser marking Spray

SureKut Cutter Lubricant

Stainless Steel Braille rivets - CALL for quote


Mechanical Engravers
With the Suregrave engravers from Trotec you can produce high quality, durable/deep engraving in stainless steel. The process is straightforward and comprises using the included tool path generator to create several passes at incremental depths) and selecting the "Standard Speed" machine profile (factory set for hard metals). The cutters should be ground for stainless steel and a cutting fluid used to increase cutter life.


The Vision 1624, 2424 and 2448 were purpose designed for "all-materials", featuring an electronic surface setting block and a mechanism that allows the spindle to "float" the nose cone over plastics or be "locked" for incremental depth engraving into hard materials. An additional benefit of the cutter setting block is it can bridge the gap over previously engraved tool paths allowing tools to be changed mid cycle without risk of changing the depth over the rest of the job.

For high volumes or 30% increase in productivity we recommend the optional High Frequency Spindle and a Mist Lubrication System to increase cutter life. A Cutter Grinder is useful for cutter sharpening and self-sufficiency.

How to Engrave Stainless Steel



Co2 Lasers
Stainless steel is an especially high-end material that can be marked very well using the
Speedy range of Trotec laser systems. It should be noted that with CO2 lasers it is necessary to apply a special paste or spray Thermark / Cermark. The mark produced using these consumables is etched molecularly onto the surface and is of matt finish.


Fiber Lasers
fiber lasers, stainless steel can be marked directly and the finish will reflect the finish of the material being marked e.g. matt or grained material will have a matt mark and polished material will have a "gloss" mark.

Dual Co2 / Fibre Lasers
Both a CO2- and fiber laser are integrated into the industry's fastest laser in it's class, the Speedy 300 Flexx. Maxximum flexxibility is ensured as the flexx marks and engraves wood, glass, metal, leather... even mixxed materials can be processed in only one step.

How to engrave: